Specialist expertise gained through working in medical, scientific and pharmaceutical translations for years

You cannot become a medical and scientific translator overnight. It is the result of our commitment to constantly learning about the various sectors we translate: clinical research, rare diseases and medical devices.


The added value of consulting experts in different areas of medicine and science

To produce medical translations that are perfectly suited to the target audience, medical and scientific translators consult with experts (medical professionals, pharmaceutical sales representatives, investigators, medical statistics experts, and experts in regulatory affairs, etc.).


Revision and attention to detail

Attention to detail is essential in medical, pharmaceutical and scientific translations. One terminological error or misunderstanding can compromise the meaning of a text, thereby preventing the text from achieving its intended purpose.


Using technology to share experience and knowledge

Sharing information online is fundamental in almost all sectors and is even more important for medical and pharmaceutical translators. Thanks to modern technology and terminology tools, translators can obtain information and opinions in real time, allowing them to provide clients with medical, pharmaceutical and scientific translations that are both functional and effective.


For scientific translators CPD means participating in training courses, attending conferences and seminars, and visiting medical and pharmaceutical trade fairs

Medical and scientific translators are expected to keep their skills up to date by taking ad hoc medical, pharmaceutical/biotechnological and scientific translation courses. They also attend conferences or seminars in their translation fields, which are characterised by evolving specialist terminology


A tried and tested working process

The purpose of quality control is to identify and eliminate errors introduced during the translation process before delivering the final product (translations and/or revised documents). This is even more important in a field where safety, effectiveness and efficiency are key.


The perfect compromise between a fast turnaround time and an accurate translation

What is considered to be innovative in medicine, pharmacology or scientific research today, will be history tomorrow. We believe that it is important to meet our clients’ needs by providing a quick turnaround, while never compromising on the final quality of the medical and scientific document that has been translated.


You need to know who you are entrusting with your translations.

Would you trust a doctor with questionable skills and qualifications? Likewise, it is important that you fully trust the translator who is undertaking your medical and scientific translation projects.

PharmaTrad was established in 2003 as a team of freelance translators specialising in medical translations.

PharmaTrad provides translation services from English into Italian and from Italian into English to institutions and professionals working in the medical, pharmaceutical, health and healthcare sector, including:


and manufacturers of medical, diagnostic and laboratory devices


hospital trusts, local health authorities, and private hospitals


companies providing research support services


and primary care paediatricians


basic, translational and clinical research


and advertising agencies specialising in medicine and science


medical and scientific societies and their federations and advocacy groups


in market research for pharmaceutical companies

OUR TEAM BELIEVES THAT quality means providing A TEXT THAT IS INSTANTLY ACCESSIBLE TO AND PERFECTLY suitable for ITS INTENDED target audience in terms of register, style, terminology and CULTURE.

How we work to achieve this primary objective:


medical professionals, investigators and experts in medical statistics


We follow a tried and tested working process which includes an essential final quality control stage.


Keeping up to date with technology and using translation software means that we can focus on what really matters: translating.


Medical and scientific translators are expected to keep their skills up to date by taking ad hoc medical, pharmaceutical/biotechnological and scientific translation courses. They also attend conferences or seminars in their translation fields, which are characterised by evolving specialist terminology.

The PharmaTrad team

PharmaTrad is a team of qualified and passionate translators, led by two translators each with fifteen years’ experience in medical and pharmaceutical translations.

Our story

We set up our translation team in 2003 with the ethos that collaboration between fellow translators is essential for providing a quality service. Flexibility is also key for development and embracing innovation in the translation sector as a whole and in our specialist areas of translation.

Our achievements

Through collaboration, we have been able to work with clients who truly appreciate our work, who see us as an indispensable partner spurring us on to continuous improvement.

How we see our future

CPD is certainly part of our future, allowing us to keep up with future innovations in technology and terminology and, above all, with developments in scientific thinking and concepts.

Continuing Professional Development

In the last twelve months our commitment to CPD covered the following:

Clinical research
Rare diseases
Medical devices
Courses for translators

Projects in 2019

Hours of CPD in 2019

Years of translation

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